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ZOHD Nano Talon FPV on 4S

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ZOHD Nano Talon FPV on 4S

In this video we meet the ZOHD Nano Talon, but on 4S. So to say its a little nipper would be an understatement!

At the time this video was made, the ZOHD Nano Talon wasnt available as a bare kit, it is now which means you can put your own parts in as desired.

That said, and as weve covered in other reviews, when it comes to the ZOHD products, it normally makes sense to pay the extra and go for a PNP kit. Why? Time is the key reason, youll be on the flight line with your new foam a lot quicker, plus to be brutally honest, the ZOHD PNP parts are not that bad at all. Its only when you want to do something much different (say very long range FPV or more speed!) is when changing the stock parts is only needed.

While on the topic of kits, definitely do not go for the FPV kit, yes youll get the flight stabiliser, however AIO FPV camera and transmitters are rubbish compared to stand alone units, so go that route instead and save yourself the pennies.

ZOHD Nano Talon Details

There are two versions of this model available:

The nano talon also includes a stabilizer pre-built into the model which really does work very well!

I used the following parts for my FPV setup:

I also used one of these OSD boards https://goo.gl/9pR9xM to give me an idea on current consumption, a flight timer and also the battery voltage too.

If youre flying FPV even a simple OSD like this can help massively. For the models I have that dont have iNav, these work really well (hence why I used it in the Nano Talon!).

Is the Nano Talon made by X-UAV?

Weve always said that there should be a micro version of the mini talon as the mini talon is a fantastic FPV model. You can see my full setup of the mini talon in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRuO3...

However.... XUAV missed a trick here and this model is not made by X-UAV, instead its another company called ZOHD.

Note: Those of you that are thinking this is a clone, remember that the original X-UAV Mini Talon was a copy of another model in the first place!

Who is ZOHD?

ZOHD is actually a trademark of Sonic Modell. You most likely already know this company as they have created a wide range of models, some re-branded by other RC companies.

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