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Unboxing the SonicModell "AR Stealth Wing"

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In this live video we get to meet the Sonic Modell AR Stealth Wing for the firs time.

Its a 900mm (35) flying wing made from EPP that was specifically designed for FPV flying. The PNP kit is centred around a 2204 2200Kv motor ( traditional quad motor sized motor) which is a good all round choice. However because the motor mount area is well made selecting a larger can motor, such as 2216 1250Kv SunnySky motor with a larger prop for more speed and great efficiency.


The bay in this model is huge and you can easily fit in a li-po or custom li-on battery pack and have room for a flight controller too. The nose area is dedicated to placing a HD video camera such as a GoPro, session or RunCam styled cameras and comes with changeable nose plates to accommodate each of the camera formats.

FPV Camera Position

If you go with a HD camera, then youll most likely be using the off-center FPV camera mount.

This is fine for most FPV flying, however my only comment about this is you need to be fully aware your camera is not centred and if you are using your AR wing to smash tight gaps in between trees for example, the difference of being off by a few inches could be the difference between cheers at the flight line and a bloody long walk to go get it

How has the Sonic Modell AR Stealth Wing changed?

Interestingly Matt in this video picked up on a few areas where the AR Wing could be improved, Sonic Modell took this feedback and actually tweaked the model to incorporate those suggestions, hence now the new kits have carbon rods in the wings for example!

Sonicmodell AR Wing Features

  • Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, plus pre-built in carbon fiber spar, durable, light and flexible.
  • Detachable wing and wingtip, portable and easy to take for out door FPV fly.
  • Multiple bonus camera mount, compatible for all FPV HD camera in the market.
  • Easy to hand launch, super stable flying performance, 10km/h 80km/h flying speed.
  • Wingspan 900mm with high efficiency airfoil, create powerful elevating force.
  • Spacious equipment bay for more FPV gear.
  • Movable battery slot for better “CG” adjustment
  • With bump for “CG” mark under the mainwing.
  • With 2 skids for hand launch grip and landing.
  • With NACA Air inlet and outlet for FPV gear cooling.

Why EPP Foam?

EPP is short for Expanded Polypropylene, or in simple terms, you have to seriously abuse a RC model made from EPP because the stuff is extremely robust compared to other foams such as EPO foam (EPO is the white foam most models are made from).

Simply put, given the choice, we want EPP over EPO foam in most cases. There is one downside, its slightly heavier than EPO foam.

Who is Sonic Modell?

Sonic Modell who make the AR Wing make RC models under a different brand name called ZOHD, you may have seen a recent review of the ZOHD Dart 250g, ZOHD Drift Glider and the ZOHD Nano Talon here a short while ago.

They also make models for military purposes too. For example the Sonic Modell Binary is used in the Philippines to patrol their coastlines!

A Pro Version?!

Yes! Since the original AR Stealth Wing came out, a Pro version has been released, we have a review on that coming out shortly, so keep your eyes pealed.


With a SunnySky 1250Kv motor and a 4S battery pack, I got my AR Wing to over +100mph while smashing through gaps at the end of a huge straight. So yea, quite like it!

However if you dig deeper, the range pilots have got with their AR Wings is just nuts (need li-on packs for this ideally).

That said, I would suggest the bare kit version of the AR wing and buy the motor, esc, servos and FPV gear separately. Not that the PNP kit is bad, pertly acceptable to get you going if you dont have the parts to hand, but Im guessing you have two spare servos and a motor spare to get you very close to there already!

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You can view and find out more about this product here:

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