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ZOHD Dart 250G Must Have Modifications

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ZOHD Dart 250G Must Have Modifications

In this video, Matt explains the three modifications to the ZOHD Dart 250g that helped him fly his over 45Km (almost 30 miles!). They range in price from almost free to about $30 to enhance the Dart 250g to the next level.

First Dart 250g Modification

You would not believe how much of a difference these make. Using motor stand offs push the motor backwards. This has three key effects, the first the motor is in cleaner air, thus it is more efficient and makes a lot less noise. perfect for long range FPV and for covert FPV too.

And the other benefit is less obvious, that is it allows you to put more weight towards the front to the model. This is handy especially if you are using li-on 18650 battery cells and maybe a RunCam Hybrid in the nose!

Tin Foil Hat

With everything crammed into a very small space and the huge desire for range, simply wrapping up the noisy components in foil helps keep the noise down.

Obviously make sure there is no bare metal for the foil to conduct to. No seriously, I have seen this done. It was funny when the ESC caught fire, not for the owner though!

FPV Camera Upgrade

If you went for the ZOHD Dart 250g FPV kit, then the best upgrade you can make is to change the FPV camera out for a proper one and use a separate VTX (video transmitter).

Assuming you already have a decent quality camera in the nose, have you thought about a rear view camera? So simple to add with iNAV and a flight controller and adds in some truly unique views when flying.

The host is using this camera https://bit.ly/3jqiGqq in his because its, well tiny

In Summary

These upgrades take the ZOHD Dart 250g that one step higher.

Its a fantastic model, Ive had three of them so far!

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