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Meet The TOPRC Cessna 182 400 Class RC Airplane

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Meet the Top RC Cessna, 965mm wingspan RC model. This model is available as a kit or a full PNP (plug & play) option.

As always, models with landing gear with small wheels need either a well trimmed grass landing strip or ideally a tarmac runway to take off and land on.


Brand: TOPRC

Model: Cessna 182

Wingspan: 965mm

Length: 790mm

Weight: 710g

Color: Blue, Red (Optional)

Model: KIT, PNP (Optional)

Recommend Parts (not included in KIT version):

Servo: 9gx4 Click here

Motor: DST-1200 (KV1200) Click here

Battery: 11.1V 1300mAh 15C (not included) Click here

ESC: 20A brushless Click here

Remote control: 4 channels (not included) Click here

Note: KIT Version comes with aircraft only, not included any electronic parts.

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