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3D Aerobatics

3D Aerobatics

Flying an aerobatic 3D RC model plane can be one of the most fun and equally frustrating parts of the hobby.

3D aerobatic models are not the best choice for a beginner and maybe not your second RC model, however.... once you have those thumbs dialled in, learning to knife edge for the first time is a fantastic expereince.

You'll most likely want to start with a cheap EPP 3D aerobatic model because its not likely to last you long, after that a fantastic choice is almost anything with the wing middle mounted into the fuselage, like a Extra 300/360. This makes for better handling even if the model is inverted in the sky.

Any RC model aeroplane designed for 3D will have huge throws on the surfaces allowing you to pull off some crazy manoeuvres in the sky. Just make sure have two more more sets of rates set up in your transmitter, as while smashing a 3D aerobatic model around the sky on full rates is just nuts, you'll need some finesse when it comes to landing and take off, so switching it down a touch will help you massively.

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